Homebrew Buddipole

  • Homebrew Buddipole Variant Ham Universe

    Homebrew buddipole variant by paul – ae5 ju history: the buddipole is a portable dipole using telescoping whips on the ends of center arms, with loading coils

  • Homebrew Pvc Buddistick 2007 Za

    Homebrew buddistick 2007 back in 2000, i designed a portable dipole antenna called the “buddipole” it incorporated cpvc, a lightweight plastic plumbing pipe, a

  • Brief Guide to the Buddipole Antenna System

    A brief guide to the buddipole system welcome to the buddipole antenna system, a unique, capable and adaptable antenna system for a wide range of

  • Easy to Build Buddipole Galway Vhf Group

    Easy to build buddipole with the current events of terrorism and tropical weather that plague the us, i’ve decided that being an ares/races member, i should be

  • Hf Antennas for Portable Use Degood

    – Homebrew instructions buddipole • budd w3 ff • – $139 monopole (40 10) – $199 dipole (40 10) – $399 dipole w/ mast & tripod

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