Kra 2011 Individual Returns

  • rev 2010 income tax act cap.470 1 chapter 470 the income tax act arrangement of sections part 1 - preliminary section page
  • 2 what you need to do to comply with the law 1 obtain personal identification number (pin) if you do not have one yet to enable you to transact any business with kra ...
  • domestic taxes department electronic tax register system at a glance “do you love kenya? ask for a fiscal receipt” “to comply is always cheaper than not to
  • kenya revenue authority tax compliance for real estate developers & rental income earners 1
  • kenya 3 guide to fiscal information 4 an individual is resident in kenya if he/ she has a permanent home in kenya and was present in kenya for any period
  • the fresh fruit and vegetable markets of east africa vi glossary of terms aggregator: an aggregator is an intermediary/ trader (see below) who assembles produce in
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