Repatriation Letter

  • Sample Request for Repatriation Claim Home or National

    Please consider this letter a formal request for the repatriation of the following objects: painted hide shield cover with three eagle feathers nmai catalog number 12

  • Mending American Indian Ritual Object Repatriation

    Mending the circle a native american repatriation guide understanding and implementing nagpra and the offi cial smithsonian and other repatriation policies

  • Appendix C Samples of Tribal Response Letter

    The repatriation project also coordinates with the havasupai tribe thank you for your recent letter, which states that you may have materials in your coll

  • Department of Health Repatriation Letter

    West australian divisional update no10 – 6 may 2013 department of health repatriation letters dear members, please find attached to this divisional update a letter

  • Sample of Guarantee Letter Letter Head Hong Kong

    Sample of guarantee letter (letter head) consulate general of belgium 9/f, all costs eventual repatriation, if any; yours faithfully

  • Native American Graves Protection and Repatriation Act

    Native american graves protection and repatriation act fy2013 repatriation grants tribes/nh os listed in transfer of control letter authorizing

  • Notice of Expatriation and Repatriation

    Notice of expatriation & repatriation notice of declaration of independence two letter state abbreviation and federal zip codes; birth certificates;

  • Guarantee Letter Format State

    Guarantee letter format (prepare on company letterhead) guarantee to shoulder all repatriation expenses thank you for your consideration of this request

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