Weco Wing Nut

  • Weco Hammer Unions American Society of Safety Engineer

    1502 1002 602 a 2” 1502 wing nut will make up to a 2” 602 or 1002 thread half but will fail … explosively the first hazard standard series working nominal pipe

  • Fmc Chiksan and Weco Field Proven Sour Gas Product

    Sg 8 99 male sub female sub seal ring metal to metal nut weco wing union 1502 2 weco ® wing unions w eco wing unions are the most complete line of sour gas pipe

  • Weco Wing Union Parts List 01w Topco Oilsite

    Figure no 100 weco wing union threaded end only 2” to 8” (yellow subs, black nut) 1,000 psi cwp; 1,500 psi test size 2” 2 1/2”3”4”6” 8”

  • Weco Fittings and Mid

    Weco wing union nut detaches for field repair permits fast, easy service at the job site standard on integral design optional on npst design 37 fmc technologies, inc

  • A5cs Rev a Layout 1 Gp 50

    It is assumed the user is familiar with weco® wing union fittings and installations to install the model using a 5 lb max hammer, tighten the nut

  • Weco Style Hammer Unions Global Supply Line

    Weco style hammer unions 1502 1002 602 a 2” 1502 wing nut will make up to a 2” 602 or 1002 thread half but will fail … explosively the first hazard

  • Safety and Technical Alert Eoss

    2" 1502 wing nut 2" 602 standard male sub all 2" 602 components never assemble any combination of male sub, wing nut, or segments2 that are not positively identified

  • Spectre Sensor

    Weco® style wing union fitting for use on oil well fracturing, drilling, cementing, and acidizing applications spectre’s unique digital compensation

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