Jf404e Valve Body

  • Vw Audi Jf404e Polo Automatic Choice

    All 1 jf404 eele03 valve body parts 750 d valve body complete (oem) (vin required) all 1 jf404 ev bxx hard parts 809 c 'k3' (3 4) clutch assy (complete built unit

  • U341 Valve Body

    Jf404 e 3 hp22 6 f50 w/out valve body parts 741 case parts 761 note: not all items are available for this catalog includes the following new

  • Vw Audi Jf404e Polo Automatic Choice

    (Green type 'b' valve body) 07/99 1 jf404 esol13 705 d valve body harness with temp sensor (codes cmh, cmj, dpb, dpn, dpp, eaw, erz)

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