March 29, 2023

We are living in the digital age, where the users are having multiple alternatives to fulfill their needs. Gone are the days when only creating the website was enough for the business. These days, you must increase your SEO efforts to drive the traffic on the website. You need to have a well planned digital strategy. 

And when it comes to Shopify, it is one of the most SEO friendly eCommerce CMS platforms out there. But still only relying on Shopify is not enough. You need to conduct detailed SEO for your website. In this article, we will discuss a few of the most powerful Shopify SEO tips that can help you rank your store faster. Let’s start by discussing them one by one.

Start by registering in webmaster tools of search engines

This is one of the most basic and crucial things for any SEO campaign. You must register your website for the Google webmaster tool, Bing webmaster tool, and Google Analytics. By registering your website for both the webmaster tools, you are letting them know that your website does exist. 

And also by registering for Google analytics, you will be able to track the performance of your website. You will know how your website is performing. You will be able to track the performance of your SEO campaign. Get your website registered on all these tools and start tracking the performance of your SEO campaign.

Ensure that your website is loading fast

The website speed is also one of the most deciding factors for search engine rankings. It affects your website speeds as well as user experience too. And for Shopify stores, the Shopify servers deliver great turn around time and loading speeds.

But still, a lot of things can be done. You can optimize the images. Reduce their sizes without losing their quality. And upload the resized version of images on your website. And also remove the unnecessary external scripts and custom codes. They also affect website speeds.

And so many apps installed on your website may also increase your loading times. Hence uninstall all the unnecessary apps on your Shopify. This will also increase your website speeds.


Any SEO campaign starts with detailed keyword research. And for your Shopify store also, you need to perform keyword research. The keywords are the search engine queries by which the users can reach out to your website. 

For the highest search engine rankings, you need to make the list of all the queries that your visitors might look for. And optimize your website using those words. There are several keyword research tools out there to conduct keyword research. 

Conduct detailed keyword research, and optimize your website using those words. But keep that in mind, the use of keywords should look relevant and natural. The following are the best spots on your website to place keywords.

  • Title and description of the pages
  • Alt tags of images for the image optimization
  • Blogs and articles of your website
  • All the relevant content copies of your site

Heading tag optimization (H1 to H6)

The properly optimized page using H1 to H6 heading tags can help search engine crawlers to understand and index the content of the page properly. As a newbie web designer or webmaster, several of them make this mistake of not using them properly.

But it can result in very bad consequences for the search engine crawlers. The crawlers use the H1 tag as a title of the page. Hence use the keyword at the beginning of them. And also use a few H2 tags to optimize for better keyword optimization. And use paragraphs as a normal text.


Blogging is one of the greatest ways to start optimizing the website for the search engine. With blogging, you can also help your website visitors with your knowledge. You can also establish your authority over your competitors. As a brand, you can represent your knowledge through your blogs. It represents your passion for your business niche.

Create the most detailed blog posts that can solve all the difficulties of your users. Make a list of all the common queries that your users ask for the majority of the time. And then create the most detailed blog posts for those queries. Remember, your blogs should be the most detailed ones on the internet. The well-optimized and detailed blog posts tend to rank better and reward you with the traffic.


When other websites link to your website, it is called the backlinks. They are also one of the greatest ways to increase your search engine visibility. The quality backlinks from the higher authority website work as a trust factor for the search engine. The higher number of quality backlinks means higher rankings. 

You can create backlinks on several local citations and listings websites. The guest posting is also a great way to create backlinks. You can also reach out to reputable bloggers in your niche to write an article for your brand review, or anything else related to your brand. And if you create more detailed blog posts, several bloggers will automatically link your blog on their website. It also works as a great ranking factor.

The final words

The eCommerce industry is getting much more competitive these days. For the higher traffic and conversion on your website, you must start performing SEO for your website. Implement all the above-discussed SEO strategies for your website, and get the best results out of it. 

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