Post-delivery often leads to baby weight and overweight problems. However, by taking proper measures mothers can deal with this problem in no time. Read more about these sets of practices that help in managing the weight after delivery.

Weight gain after pregnancy is becoming an issue. According to one of the research studies, within 1 year of delivery, 6% to 14% of women are more likely to become overweight. Overweight can lead to diabetes, blood pressure, heart, and kidney-related problems in the future.

How to stay healthy and fit even after pregnancy? To find an answer to this question I contacted the best gynecologists in Faisalabad. After a discussion with multiple doctors, I made a list of activities that leads to obesity after pregnancy and how to overcome it.

Tips for Losing Weight after Pregnancy

Building a healthy lifestyle requires self-discipline which might be challenging for some moms. To stay healthy after pregnancy you have to monitor what you are eating because a great body is made in the kitchen, not in the gym. Let’s get into the details of those tips that will help you for losing weight after pregnancy.

1.       Check Your Daily Calories Intake

The first step towards a healthy lifestyle is to monitor your calorie intake. Normally you need 2000 calories per day to maintain your weight and in case you want to lose the extra calories then you have to start eating 1500 cal every day. 

The best practice for keeping an eye on your calorie intake is to maintain a food diary. You can also install the mobile calorie tracking app in your handset for this purpose.

2.       Eat High Fiber Foods

Eating food that is rich in fiber helps in losing weight. The research study in this aspect also shows that eating dietary fiber promotes weight loss. Food that is rich in fibers includes oats, barley, berries, pears, melon, citrus fruits, broccoli, carrots, sweetcorn, potatoes, peas, beans, pulses, nuts, and seeds.

3.       Consume Healthy Proteins

Besides high fiber food, you can also eat healthy proteins. The rich sources of protein are lean meat, eggs, dairy products, nuts, and seeds. Protein helps in boosting your metabolism, reducing calories and appetite. Your body burns more calories when you consume protein food because it takes more energy to digest it which ultimately results in weight loss.  

4.       Eat Healthy Snacks Only

Surround yourself with healthy snacks. If you will surround yourself with healthy snacks only then it will be easy for you to avoid any unhealthy snacks like chips. Snacks like cut vegetables, hummus, mixed nuts, dried fruit, spiced nuts, and Greek yogurt are the perfect example of healthy snacks. You can also enjoy such snacks in your office time.

5.       Avoid Added Sugar And Refined Carbs

Sugary food and drinks are high in calories and therefore are not suitable for those who want to lose their weight. Besides this, such foods are also not suitable for your oral health and promote bad breath. Therefore it is important to avoid food like sugary drinks, fruit juice, cakes, pastries, and white flour. If you have a sweet tooth it would be challenging for you.

6.       Avoid Highly Processed Foods

Processed foods like fast food, chips, candies, cereals, cookies, and ready meals are not good for your health. Such processed foods contain artificial ingredients that promote many chronic diseases. According to NIH eating such food also promotes weight gain. Therefore replace such food with fresh and organic food. 

If you have a hobby of gardening then start growing fresh fruits and vegetables in your home.

7.       Exercise And Drink Water

To stay healthy you also have to keep your body moving. Exercise daily for building strength and losing weight. Exercises like jogging, walking, and cycling are perfect for this purpose.

Besides exercise, drink water regularly. Drinking 2 liters of water each day assists in losing weight and it also improves your metabolism. Good water drinking habits also prevent you from kidney stone problems. So next time when you have an urge to drink any sugary drink choose water over it.

Summing Up:

Maintaining weight requires self-discipline. For losing weight after pregnancy you have to stick to a healthy eating lifestyle. For that, you have to increase the intake of rich in fiber foods. Cutting on your carb intake and sugar will also help you to lose extra weight loss. Besides food, exercise, and drink enough water daily for keeping your weight balanced.