Playing online is not only fun, but people also love the rewards coming their way, and the impressive situation would be when they see those super juicy six figures transferred into their bank accounts.

Similar is the case with an online bingo game where you can win the high jackpot rewards – try Irish Eyes 2 free spins today. So, the answer to the question is obviously, yes. However, there are different kinds of jackpots that the bingo players can expect to win. Let’s see what these are:

Fixed Price Jackpots

As the name indicates, these are the fixed price jackpots for the bingo players, and the amount paid for them remains fixed, no matter how many players take part in the game. You get a fixed price mentioned by the operator, irrespective of the number of the players involved, whether those be the dozens or just two.

However, the rule for a fixed jackpot is that it is not distributed among two or three winners; instead, it is paid to a single player. For a fixed jackpot bingo, a definite pattern is given to the players they have to complete as early as possible. Moreover, there are no prizes for first-line and two-line patterns. It may also happen that all the players won’t be able to complete the pattern, so no bonus is paid out, and the jackpot remains the same for the next game.

Guaranteed Jackpot

As the term implies, the guaranteed jackpots give the surety that the participants will be winning the jackpot out of their bingo game. However, it could also mean that the jackpot comes with the minimum restrictions so that the participants can avail it. It could also mean that the advertised winning for the bingo game is guaranteed.

Most bingo players choose to play for the guaranteed jackpots because these are comparatively easy to win than the fixed price jackpots.

Progressive Jackpots

Simple to understand, these are the jackpots whose value continues to increase if they are not paid out sooner. Therefore, if in a single game it is not paid to the players because they could not win the game, then the jackpot’s values increase for the next one, and then for the next one ultimately, when it is paid out, would be visibly higher than its original set limit at the beginning of the game.

However, it is not just straightforward to win the jackpot (that could be in millions), so the players have to complete the hard to complete patterns. All in all, competing to complete the patterns is thrilling and exciting as well as bingo games create a social chat experience among the players.

Sliding Jackpots

It is the opposite of the progressive jackpots and less popular. For these jackpots, the initial amount is a significant figure that decreases as the game moves along, and finally, there will be a meager amount left for the players. Therefore, for the sliding jackpots, the players have to be quick in completing their patterns.

In short, bingo games are worth playing for the jackpot prizes, but you must try to win a large sum to make it worth playing.