May 31, 2023
document shredding

When you are running or you own an organization or business that creates a lot of paperwork, some of that paperwork is going to be sensitive material. Whether it is information belonging to your clients, customers or people you work with, your own employees, top-secret business details or a number of other things, there is a lot of data nowadays that criminals can steal and use. If you are just throwing that paperwork into bins, then you are not doing enough to protect that data as a business. This need for security protection is why more are turning to industrial paper shredding.

Keeping your information secure

You need to take the destruction of such papers seriously, there are laws for Australia and document shredding Gold Coast. Using the service of a document shredding service you can protect your business and the people you do business with. It is also the best choice for the environment as these services can better ensure the shredded papers are also recycled.

We might be in a digital era, and a lot of data theft happens there too. But there is a lot of paperwork out there to also protect still. Bills, receipts, forms, applications, legal documents, blueprints, legal signatures, patient information, cancelled checks, accounting reports, shipping data, financial records and more. Your reputation, your growth and your legal and moral responsibilities mean these documents need to be destroyed properly. So if you do not want to invest in a shredding machine, and in someone to do the shredding with it, what are your options?

Options for shredding companies

There are two main options when it comes to what an industrial paper shredding company might offer. Which you choose depends on how much you have to shred, how often you have to do it and on whether you need to witness it. Those two options are for on-site or mobile shredding or off-site shredding.

• On-site shredding is also known as mobile shredding. As the name indicates the shredding happens at your location and they send out a large shredder on a truck to come and do the shredding. It means you have secure containers from the shredding business that you put your data into and then they come on-site and lift the containers and dump them out into the shredding machine. You witness this happening so you have that extra level of certainty. One will also get a certificate of destruction and there is no chance of any kind of security breach. You pay more but for especially important documents, it is worth it.

Document Shredding is an Important Part of Information Security• Off-site shredding option. You send your papers to the facility for them to destroy on their own site. You do not get to witness it but you should still get a certificate of destruction. Any reputable shredding service should supply them. Sometimes it is after every shred, sometimes monthly depending on how much document shredding Gold Coast you need to be done.