March 29, 2023
Epoxy Flooring

It all starts with the floor.

The most important part of any room – be it in offices, shops, public buildings or in the home – is the floor. It is in continuous use. It affects every aspect of the functionality and aesthetics of a building. And yet, it often does not get the focus of attention that it needs. Flashy lighting and impressive artwork take center stage. Flooring gets forgotten. If you are on trend, do you want epoxy flooring? Would a concrete coating contractor have more interesting answers for you?

The floor you choose for a space will change the acoustics. In a restaurant, it could be the difference between a romantic proposal and a shouting match! Wear and tear can make a floor look very tired in a short space of time. The correct use of materials ensures that it stays looking good for years to come. A floor design can merge into the walls, furniture and ceiling or it can contrast with them for different effects. Flooring can identify areas within commercial spaces. Architects can highlight when a shopper enters a new zone

What should I look for in a flooring company?

Now that you have realized that the floor is important, how do you choose an epoxy coating contractors in Huntsville, AL? Always look at online and offline reviews. Try to see a range of floors that you like and ask the homeowner or office manager who put the floor in and what issues were there with the installation. Find out if ongoing maintenance is easy or difficult. Check how much the floor was per square foot.

One issue that is important in choice of contractor is the level of service that they provide. You will want to know that you are dealing with an experienced and qualified team who can provide objective advice on a range of flooring types. Some contractors only supply a narrow range of products. They will naturally push you towards those products to try to close a deal. Companies offering a wider range of services can look at your particular needs and help you to a decision. One thing I like is the chance for an online chat with someone who knows what they are talking about. Have a look at Southeast Concrete Solutions website to see what I mean. As soon as you arrive on their landing page, you are offered a n online chat. You can ask questions, explain your issues and access more detailed analysis if required. It is very impressive. SCS are in Huntsville Alabama and they install internal and external concrete and epoxy flooring. They have worked on projects for the FBI, the US Department for Defense, top end universities and countless homeowners. That is the track record that you want to hear about when choosing your contractor.

Conclusion Making the final decision on your flooring.

It is now time to make your decision on your floor. You have checked several contractors out for:

  • Reviews and recommendations from people you trust.
  • A range of flooring types supplied.
  • Cost and lead-time.
  • Pre and post sales service levels.
  • Ongoing running and maintenance costs.

All things being equal, it can come down to who is the person that you feel most comfortable dealing with? Who is the salesperson who gives you the confidence that you are going to get a wonderful floor now and in the future?