Dry Wash Is More Prominent Than Ever


When it comes to washing bikes and another two-wheeler, approximately 60 liters of water is being used. Similarly with cars, they take up almost 100 – 300 liters of water every water wash.

There are many vehicle spas and service centers in every locality in Bangalore, which means water wash leads to excessive water wastage. The estimate of liters being wasted is above 400 million. In this day and age, water conversation is so crucial. It’s not only about how much water we use for washing, it’s also what we do with the used water.

The Karnataka State Pollution Control Board (KSPCB) stated that many lakes in Bangalore are dirty and contaminated. The supply of water is low because of that. The mixture of detergents, oil, and water used during the wash goes into the draining and flows out into the lakes. Water pollution is a crisis and so KSPCB advised all vehicle service centers to abstain from water and implement dry wash primarily. Some of the largely affected lakes are Bellandur Lake, Hebbal Lake, and Vrushabhavathy Valley.

Dry Wash is more Prominent

With the implementation of a dry wash, cars and bikes get washed efficiently and quickly. This gem of technology doesn’t compromise on the quality of the wash and reduces water consumption to a minimum. The process of a water-less wash is very simple. The silicon cleaning solution is sprayed on the vehicle and then wiped off after a couple of minutes. This softens the dirt and absorbs the particles in a protective coating layer which is easily cleaned off with a microfiber towel. It leaves a wax coating finish on the body of the vehicle post-wash. This has impacted the environment, saving a million of liters of water.  However the downsides to this are, hard mud that gets stuck in the mudguards and engine oil sludge build-up are tough to clean. It will take a couple of trials.

This is why we at Hoopy Doorstep Bike Service provide only dry wash. We care for the environment immensely. We have saved over 1, 80,000 liters of water by providing dry wash service to our happy customers.  We’d like to urge other service centers and bikers to choose dry over water wash and join the initiative to conserve water. 

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