Despite, or maybe because of the fact that Clubhouse requires an invitation, it has become a top-rated app. Facebook has now decided that it will rival it and create a version of it for itself. Owners have already mastered one social media site and so are moving on to another one. Whether they can recreate the same success is anyone’s guess. If you are a gambling person liking pudzianator or another form of betting, you could place a bet on the outcome. 

Why Branch out? 

It is not a surprise that they are branching out this way. Audio communication is an interest of Mark Zuckerberg. Adding to the speculation is the fact that he has recently taken part in a Clubhouse discussion. The subject was augmented and virtual reality. There is a good reason why Facebook needs to get in quickly. Some other high-profile people are frequenting the Clubhouse. Elon Musk has been interviewed, as have Aarthi Ramamurthy and Sriram Krishnan.

Facebook Executives

As you would imagine, it did not take long for Facebook executives to urge staff to emulate the site and create their version. They have been ordered not to speak about it, making it seem that they are desperate for their ideas not to be leaked. As there has not yet been a great deal of development, the project may veer towards an altered product. That is not the case, and it does appear that they want their version of Clubhouse.

Learning from others

It would not be the first time they have adapted what they do to ensure they keep young people on board. However, this may be a slight deviation as in the past, they have bought up the sites they liked rather than develop their own. Examples of this are WhatsApp, Instagram, and the lesser-known Oculus. They can boost an ongoing concern, but can Zuckerberg bring through another site from copying someone else’s format? That is something that only time will tell.

On to Development

There is a specific team within Facebook devoted to this type of work. Known as the New Product Experimental team, they have previously developed music and travel apps. But this is different. They are now trying to emulate an iPhone app that is incredibly exclusive. They must walk the tightrope between keeping the app close to Clubhouse, the set-up users want, and not being accused of just making a version of something that already exists.

The comparison of Clubhouse with Facebook can be seen due to rooms’ creation – they can be compared to the Facebook groups. The change and something Facebook will have to develop is the fact that there is voice chat. It has been incredibly popular and has members across a large part of the world. For this reason, Facebook does not want to be left behind. If we have learned anything from this pandemic, we need to keep connected, and Clubhouse has created a sense of normality.