May 31, 2023

While historical themed slots have been popular in recent years, there are more and more futuristic slots titles being released – register and win today.

What’s the Fascination with the Future? 

People often have a fascination with the future, many popular pieces of media explore possible futures of humanity. These can range from utopian havens to a nightmarish dystopia. Whatever the future has in store for people, it is clear that the futuristic genre is popular for slot games. It manages to spark the imagination of players and provide an immersive experience, something which not every slot genre manages to do. Futuristic slot titles can range from comedic takes on humanity’s fate to dark and desolate worlds. The only limit to a futuristic slot theme is the developers imagination, as the future is not set it is feasible to imagine that any one of these futuristic slots will come to pass.  

Best Futuristic Slots 

There has been a surge of futuristic slot games in recent years as modern technology has allowed developers to capture the future in a way that they couldn’t before. The following are some of the very best futuristic slot games. 

  1. Reactor is a futuristic slot developed by Red Tiger Gaming. It is very visually appealing, the reels feature symbols which are appropriately futuristic looking whilst still being recognisably reactors of some kind. This slot has a wonderful soundtrack and offers bonuses such as free spins.
  2. The Rise of AI is a slot developed by Endorphina, it brings an aesthetic which is heavily influenced by 80’s neon mixed with cyberpunk. The design is not the only aspect of the slot which players will find enjoyable, there are random multipliers which could go as high as 50x!

Similar Themes 

The futuristic theme can be very immersive for players as it is an inherently imaginative theme, nobody knows or can predict what will happen in the future. There are several other slot themes which are very similar. 

●     Historical may seem like it is the exact opposite of the futuristic theme but it actually covers many of the same concepts. It takes players to a time which they have not experienced to enjoy a world which is completely unrecognisable to our current one.

●     Fantasy is a great alternative to the futuristic theme. It is also one of the most popular slot themes ever, with many top quality slot releases using this theme. Fantasy is a slot theme which is as imaginative to the futuristic theme.

●     Mythology is another insanely popular slot theme, it offers a wide range of unique bonuses which take advantage of all the amazing Gods that are featured in the slot game. Mythology themed slots have the capability to be as immersive as futuristic slots due to the amazing cast of characters that they use. 

Final Thoughts 

This slot theme promises to take players to the future, it can cover anything from alien invasions to a utopian Earth. The aesthetic of this slot theme is one of the most varied, with some following the cyberpunk future theme whilst others create their own version.