It’s not just the gaming pc that is important – it is the entire setup. Choosing the best gaming peripherals includes a good quality monitor, the right mouse, mouse mat, keyboard, and headset are important for not only comfort but also optimal performance. It is important to choose the right gaming peripherals for your pc and the particular games you play. 


First up, the keyboard. This is something you will be interacting with the whole time, so the quality needs to be good. You don’t want the buttons falling off and stopping or slowing you down mid play, right? So going above just a standard keyboard will ensure it can withstand the hardcore game play. 

The recommended choice would be a mechanical keyboard. They require less force to generate key press and have a good response rate and better grip. You can also customise the keycaps on a mechanical board too. 

Choosing a special gaming keyboard comes with many benefits, such as maro keys. On sme boards, these are dedicated keys located at the top or sides so you can programme multiple keystrokes. Others have dedicated keys for playback and volume. 


As above, the right gaming mouse will help with gaming performance and even advantage over your competitors. This is because it is not only smoother play, but also comes with enhanced ergonomics suited for left or right hands, as well as a range of extra buttons that make gaming easier. You can usually pick the kind of sensor technology in the gaming mouse, usually: optical or laser. One uses a sensor to measure the movement, the other uses and LED light. Both are much better than a standard mouse for gaming, but it is recommended that laser mice are more accurate. 

Mouse mats

Usually forgotten about but are also just as important! You can buy mouse mats that are smoother or more cushioned, hard or even hybrid. It is important to find which keyboard enhances your play, as everyone will be different! Not using a mat will have a negative effect on performance and could even slow you down. 

Gaming Headsets

A headset is recommended over the use of speakers. A good headset will help you focus on the sound of the game, and importantly, when and where your enemy is approaching from. It also ensures that you are less distracted from external noises. It also comes with a microphone, which is vital for team based games to communicate and play together. It also ensures a much better, and immersive experience! 

Gaming Monitors 

The type of gaming monitor you have can also make a huge difference to your gaming experience, and performance. If you like to play fast paced games e.g. racing or first person shooting, then you may have experienced ghosting. This is because many monitors have a slow refresh rate. Quality can also be affected. A screen may look nice and big, but if it has a low resolution, it delivers a pixelated game. Whatever size you choose, make sure it has a high resolution to ensure a sharper image. The resolution on the monitor is not the only factor – ensure you have a good graphics card too!