importing from China

When you are considering whether it is worth importing products wholesale from China into the US there are going to be some questions you need to ask and find the answers to. Are the products selling well in the US and will they remain in demand for a good time? Are they going to be easy to sell? Are there good profit margins involved so that it is worth it? Do you have a way to check the quality of the goods? How long does it take to import from China to USA? Here is a look at some of the answers to those questions.

MAPS – Marketable, Affordable, Profitable and Sellable

The following points and questions can help you narrow down your choices when you are looking at suppliers in China.

Are the products marketable? What makes your products more unique than your competitors, what is the benefit to your customers when they buy the product and is it a sustainable product rather than a fad that will not last.

Are the products affordable? What are the costs in the US compared to in China, can you find multiple suppliers and get quotes to compare, are they a specialize supplier when you are importing from China to USA?

How profitable is it going to be? What is the cost per unit, and then what is the landing cost too? What does it sell for in the US and then what is the profit margin and what is the return on investment?

Is it sellable? Who is your audience that you are focusing on? Where will the products sell and be the most successful? Are you competitive or even ahead of your competitors so customers come to you?

Are you going to travel or hire an agent?

Another key thing to think about and this has an impact on everything including how long does it take to import from China to USA, is whether you are going to learn about doing business in China and fly out there every time you need to, or whether you are going to find and hire a top import trade company agent to do that for you. Often the latter gets better results. They know the differences in culture and business deals, where the suppliers are, what the rules and fees all are and can take the pressure off your shoulders so you can focus on the rest of the business.


There is a lot to learn about importing from China to USA but that is worth it once you have put in the effort. Just be aware when dealing with wholesalers and manufacturers there are often minimum order requirements but they do vary, one supplier might accept smaller orders and one might not. Once you find a supplier you are happy with you can have your trusted agent take care of everything, all the legwork, paperwork and so on so you can get those products sold and start achieving the goals you have for your business and its growth.