Working in a modern office is always exciting. With a lot of amenities and services, your work culture will change automatically. You will not likely love to work in an office with dilapidated structure and boring color schemes on the walls. This is why revamping the design of an office is very much necessary. In this article, we show you some of the best office building design ideas for which are built-in small spaces.

The first small office building design is made in a very small space but is two-storied. The ground floor space can be kept for the reception and waiting area for the visitors, whereas the work area may be spread around the second floor. The office for the CEO or the Chief of the company can also be placed on this floor. The front space on the office building can be utilized by placing some flowering plants.

This small office building design is similar to the earlier one, but this one is a three-storied building. It has also a space for an elevator. The design for the frontal part is created out of glass windows and the space for employees is designated on each floor. The main entrance to the building is also suitable for handicapped people as there are no stairs.

This office is designed ergonomically and the architecture is very much modern in approach. You will probably make a mistake this place to be a residential house and not office space. The office building is made upon a garden space and is beautifully lit. So if you happen to work here in the evening or night, then also you will be relieved from all kinds of stress.

If you have a big company but minimum space, then you can design your office like this. This is a multi-storied cube-shaped building where a number of employees can work together. The windows are made up of tinted glass in order to prevent direct reflection of sunlight. At the side of the building, marks are designated for parking the cars of the employees. All in all, this is a very economic solution for a small office building design.

This office building is also made up of a small space with tinted glass and stainless steel. There is provision for car parking by the side of the building and the ground floor is made as a reception area and waiting area for the visitors. This can easily operate as a small commercial office building with a minimal rate for each carpeted area.

This office building has a modern office building design idea, which is made up of iron and glass panes. The ground floor is adorned with a glass door and the first floor is designated for the employees. The front place is utilized to make a small garden of flowering plants. The edges of the building are rounded, which is a sign of modern architecture.

This design is one of the great examples of commercial office building plans, made on a small cube space with glass. It resembles the shape of a Rubik’s cube with a slightly slanted design on the first floor. This can operate as a small commercial enterprise that has a rapid growth of employees.

This commercial office building also resembles the modern architecture, with glass panes adorning the floors and the front space designed with contrasting colors. This is a multi-storied building with both stairs and elevators, and the ground floor has a space for vehicle parking for the employees. This can be a good design for a small commercial enterprise that aspires to be big within a small period.

This is a modern office building design idea, which is placed on a rectangular area, with ample space for building a garden and even a small balcony, which are all made up of glass. The employees can take a break from their monotony of work on the balcony. This is an ideal design for an Information and Telecommunication Company. Visit Live enhanced for more Beautiful Architecture, building and more…