May 31, 2023
Military Grade Connectors

Connectors are devices that interrupt circuit paths. When we talk about Military connectors, we refer to the group of electrical and fiber-optic connectors specifically designed to handle the toughest environmental conditions. At first, they were only used for military, aerospace, and navy fields. However, their high-quality and resistance made them desirable for other industries.

Fortunately, they became widely available and many other industries, such as automotive, transportation, medical, and industrial, are already having access to them. But what are the main features of these connectors that make them suitable for the most demanding environments? First of all, the design makes them appropriate to perform better than other designs.

Nowadays, military grade connectors have a circular shape to ease the process of connection and installation. Secondly, they are manufactured with a combination of materials that provide their high resistance and durability. In addition, some of their parts receive special plating treatment with different materials to provide them with additional features. Initially, most connectors are manufactured in aluminum due to the low cost and flexibility of this material.

Then, to add new features or enhanced new ones, they receive plating treatments. These processes make them more valuable because they can vary according to the needs and specifications of the industries. The most important are the following:

Cadmium plated connectors: this was the standard finish for many years. It offers great protection for the base material and superior electrical performance. However, some researches discovered high toxicity. As a result, the industry started to use new material to achieve its goals.

Gold plated connectors: gold is a noble metal and it doesn´t react easily to environmental conditions. As a result, it provides high protection against oxide for a long time. It is mostly recommended for low current and low voltage applications that require high reliability. And, it is possible to create special alloys with other materials to increase the resistance.

Nickel-plated connectors: this material has proved to be more corrosion-resistant than gold. That makes it ideal for outdoor devices. Also, its finish is shiny and very pleasant. This process is achieved using “electroplating”. It is less conductive than gold but its resistance makes it worthy to take it.

There are other platting options, but the above mentioned are the most common. That is because they offer the durability and appearance that appeal the most.

Final Words

In short, military grade connectors have all the necessary features that make them perfect for any type of project. And, the fact that they can be manufactured to be Cadmium, Gold, and Nickel Plated connector, makes them very flexible and reliable for all types of industries.