November 30, 2022
eCommerce startup guide for beginners 2020

There is no doubt that eCommerce is the future of retail. More and more consumers are coming online. Over the past few years, the demand for eCommerce has increased considerably. The industry is rising at around 12% to 15% every year. It’s high time for every retailer to go online. Here is a complete eCommerce guide to help merchants starting their eCommerce business.

eCommerce for beginners is hard to crack. To start an online business, merchants need to go through a lot of things. Here we have prepared the detailed step by step guide. All the questions such as, what is an eCommerce store, how does eCommerce work, and how to set up an eCommerce website are covered here. So without further ado, let’s start the discussion. 

The Product And Market Research

Starting an eCommerce business comes with a lot of work regarding website creation, business marketing, product inventory creation, etc. To do all these things, the professionals are available and can be hired. But, if you are not well-aware of your core business aspects, your business will turn out as a failed venture.

Before starting your business, you should have answers to the following things.

  • What kind of business are you starting? 
  • What will be your products? 
  • Who are your competitors? And how will you beat them?
  • What will be your unique selling point? 
  • Who is your target audience?
  • Is there a demand for your products in the market?

Find accurate answers to all the above-mentioned questions. You should be aware of all the tiniest aspects of your business. Research about your business niche. Choose the right niche that you are truly passionate & confident about. 

Identify the real problems that we face in day to day life and try to solve them with your business. Such research will help you attract the buyers and will become your unique selling point. As a business owner, you must research well about all these aspects.

Name Your Business And Complete Legal Work Too

  1. Once you figure out your product and core business aspects, now it’s time to name your business. In any business, the name plays a very important role.
  2. The business name should be short and easy to remember. The name should also reflect the true essence of your brand.
  3. The catchy, short, and easy to pronounce name should always be your top priority. And also remember, for the eCommerce website creation, you need to buy the domain name.
  4. Before making the final selection on any name, make sure that the domain name for the same is also available to purchase.

Now if you have decided your name, design an attractive logo for your business. And after finalizing the name and logo, it’s time to make your company legal. If you are the sole founder of the company, you can go with a sole proprietorship. Or if you are starting a partnership venture, you can for limited liability partnership (LLP) or private limited company. And create a bank account for your business too. The legality process around the world is different. Research as per your locality and complete all the legal processes.

Create An eCommerce Website

Whenever we go to any brick and mortar store, there will be a salesperson ready to guide you. Their behavior, appearance, and persona affect a lot on the overall sales of the store. The same thing goes with your website too. Your website should be designed to get more engagement. The first glimpse of your website should make users explore more of it.

The eCommerce website can be created using several platforms. Magento, Shopify, BigCommerce, WooCommerce, etc are a few of the well-known eCommerce store creation platforms. And as per our experience with eCommerce, the Shopify turned out as the best eCommerce platform. The usability & flexibility features of Shopify makes it one of the most merchant friendly platforms. 

There is even a large community of Shopify expert developers to support the merchants. Buy a domain name as per the name of your business. You can create a Shopify website on your own. Shopify is fairly easy to cope up. Or to save time, you can contact Shopify experts too. The community of Shopify experts will create a fully-fledged custom eCommerce website for you. 

Below is the list of a few crucial things that must be considered while designing the website.

  • Make sure that your website is easy to use.
  • The checkout process should be quicker and friction-free. 
  • The product pages should be well designed. 
  • The website must have all the mandatory contact details, about page, and privacy policy. 
  • The navigation of the website should be easy too. All the parts of the website should be easily accessible. 
  • All the call to action (CTA) buttons should be highlighted too. 
  • There should also be multiple payment gateways for the convenience of your shoppers. 
  • Consider all these little things while designing the website. They matter a lot.

Create An Efficient Supply Chain Network

For any successful eCommerce business, the efficient network of the supply chain is also very crucial. The customer should get an accurate delivery time while placing the order. And the product should also get delivered at the definite same time. The journey of the product from the warehouse to the delivery partner and the final destination should be executed on schedule. The supply chain network works as the heart & soul of any eCommerce business. Make sure yours is also strong and reliable.

The Marketing

Once your website is ready, now it’s time to market it. To attract more traffic and sales on your website, you need to have a solid marketing strategy. Study the demographics, mindsets, and liking of your target audience. And create your marketing strategy according to it. As per the requirements of your business, you can use the following techniques of marketing.

  • SEO for organic traffic
  • Paid & free social media
  • Search ads
  • Retargeting
  • Email-marketing
  • Word-of mouth

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The Conclusion

Establishing an eCommerce venture is all about research & well-planned execution. We have covered almost every aspect of establishing the business of eCommerce for beginners. Follow each of them carefully. We hope that this eCommerce guide will help you start an online business. Thanks for reading this article till the end.

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