May 31, 2023

Moving is generally a stressful thing and especially when you have to move for a long distance. Imagine changing your friends, contacts, school for your kids; all this at the same time- it can be overwhelming. If you’re not careful, you may end up fatigued and not even able to attend to your daily schedule.

To ensure a smooth long move, see below a few tips

List down the accounts you need to update

You may need a magnet notepad so that you make this part fun. Here, you add all bank accounts, subscriptions and any government organizations that need your address. If you have a problem remembering, you can check your credit card account statement. Keep the list on a place where you can easily retrieve.

Get an inventory for your belongings

It’s important you get a list of everything in your closet or drawers so that you can see what you have. You can also take photos which will help you get the exact things that you have. The inventory will help you determine what you need to pack for shipping; things you need to donate and even others which you should discard.

Discard the unnecessary stuff

When making a list of what you have, you’ll realize that there are things you don’t need. Thus you can discard and donate the rest.  Remember, the more things you move, the higher the cost. If you reduce the luggage, you could cut down the cost to hundreds of dollars. Think of where you’re going; there are things that are useful in your current residence but are not necessary in your new home. If for example you’ve flower vases that you don’t need on the other end, you’d better discard them and reduce the weigh.

Get estimates from several companies

When moving especially long distances, you need a professional mover- someone with experience in the industry for a good number of years. Before you make your choice, you have to get a list of a minimum of ten from which you get the most fitting and through a rigorous selection process. Do not just get a moving company because they came first or they gave you their quotation. Remember, money is not the first priority but quality of their services. You don’t need to get someone who will abandon your things halfway or mishandle them.

Ask your friends and relatives for a moving company with a good reputation. Then choose one that offers quality and with a good package.

Get a plan how how to pack

 It takes long time, like weeks to pack. Thus it’s good you start with things that you won’t need to use in the remaining period; family heirlooms, off-season clothes among others like holiday knickknacks.  Pack them in organized bags that are clearly labeled. Make sure you don’t mix your wall hangings, in the same box with spatula or such.

Planning for a long-distance move is not anyone’s cup of tea. You have to take time, consult widely and get a professional mover like AAA Moving & Storage to help you right from packing to your destination.