January 28, 2023

Unless you live in a cave, you probably have some information on a healthy lifestyle. Eating green, cutting back on sugar and alcohol are some common changes any nutritionist would recommend. And like me, you would also consider good mental health a fundamental part of healthy living. This is why along with meditating, I like to use my Cox Internet preferred plan to stream shows like The Good Place and Brooklyn Nine-Nine for laughter. 

A healthy lifestyle isn’t defined by eating quinoa cereal or drinking kale juice. Simple changes in your lifestyle are required and you are on the road to healthier living. To keep it simple, start with these changes:   

1: Say No to Processed Foods

Eliminate processed foods from your life once and for all. Your diet must consist of lean meat (ground turkey, chicken), fruits, vegetables, and grains. A healthier lifestyle starts with healthy eating.

2: Drink Less Alcohol

Some of us just can’t seem to break the habit of drinking heavily regularly. If that’s you, take charge of your habits starting today. Limit binge drinking once a week and make sure it’s not on the work night. It’s not only best for your liver but your wallet as well.   

3: Bring Your Lunch to Work 

There is no meal healthier than the one cooked at home. You agree to that, right? So pack a sandwich, salad or last night’s leftover. This will save you money and you will be cutting back on so many calories. 

To avoid trouble, meal prep. Spend your Sunday evening planning for the whole week ahead and buy groceries accordingly. 

4: Take Frequent Vacations 

You have your whole life to work. At least once a year, take a break from the daily grind and go on a vacation. If you can’t afford to visit another country, no worries, go on a weekend trip to a nearby town/city. Don’t mind taking a sick day to keep your mental health in check.

5: Avoid Negativity 

Another very common thing that could be taking a toll on your well-being is negativity. It is said you become what you allow into your life. Stay positive and things will go in your favor. 

6: End All Toxic Relationships

This doesn’t just include toxic boyfriends, but toxic friendships and family members. There is no harm in cutting off the people who bring you down. 

7: Take a Break from Technology 

Practice this daily. Firstly, don’t waste your time scrolling on social media platforms. Secondly, when you come home from work, take a break from your phone. You already had enough exposure to screen all day long. Your eyes and body don’t need more strain. 

8: Walk When Possible

Walk whenever possible. If there is something within walking distance, travel by foot instead of taking your car. This would save fuel as well. Whenever you have spare time, take a stroll to the park. Keep track of your daily step count. This would encourage you to walk more.

9: Focus On Building Muscles

Just like eating veggies and sleeping well is important, resistance training is important too especially when you are aging. After 40, you start losing 1 percent each year. This can increase the risk of strokes, heart attacks, and osteoporosis. 

Research showed that adults who did strength training twice a week lived longer than those who didn’t. To build muscles, you don’t necessarily have to go to the gym. Lift weights at home while watching TV or brewing your coffee. 

10: Avoid Blue Light As the Day Ends 

Blue light keeps us wake up in the morning and suppresses melatonin production at night. This is exactly why you are unable to sleep at night when your eyes are glued on the screen.

It’s not just your smartphone, LED lights and TV screens produce blue light as well. Make it a practice to keep all screens away from the evening. This might even fix your sleep schedule. 

11: Get a Pet 

Having a pet at home can take your blues away. Perhaps a dog is one of the best pets to have. A dog forces you to be on your toes every day.  That’s why dog owners aged 40 are at a lower risk of death. They keep your blood pressure and cholesterol in check as well. 

12: Care Less about What Others Think

Don’t waste your energy by thinking about the opinions of others. Be true to yourself and you will attract genuine people like yourself.  

13: Get More Sleep

It’s never feasible to ditch important tasks and sleep 2-3 hours earlier. However, you can get more sleep if you try going to bed 5 minutes earlier every night until you start getting 7 to 9 hours of sleep every night. The more you practice these ways and avoid negativity such as tragic news on TV, Cox cable problems, cancellation of your favorite shows, you will be living a healthy life.