January 28, 2023

Jackpot slots have advanced greatly in 2021 and are one of the most popular slot types currently available, there is a huge variety of jackpot slots to keep players entertained. Arcade slots are a much less popular slot type, but still beloved by it’s fans. It fulfills much more of a niche because of it’s complicated controls and elements of skill. 

Arcade Slots 

Arcade slots are incredibly popular slot types, they essentially take the very best in movies, television, games and other popular culture and present it to players in a brand new format. Arcade slots are often considered slots of skill because the games rely much more on gameplay skill and ability rather than sheer luck. Some of the best arcade slots have adapted well known properties, for instance popular arcade game Space Invaders was used as the basis for one of the most popular arcade slot releases, Space Invaders! Although arcade slots are not as popular as other types of slot games, they still hold a presence in the slot gaming world thanks to their mixture of entertainment and skill. 

Jackpots Slots 

Jackpot slots are some of the most exciting slots currently available, thanks to their plethrom of bonus features these types of slots offer players the chance to win some absolutely massive prizes! There are several types of jackpot slots. 

  1. Progressive Jackpot. This is a jackpot slot which slowly increases over time, the longer it takes to be claimed the more lucrative the prize gets. This jackpot is often the biggest, with the lucky winners being given life changing amounts of money for claiming it. Unfortunately it is also one of the hardest jackpots to win.
  2. Localised Jackpot. This is very similar to a progressive jackpot but there are a few key differences with the main being that this jackpot has fewer eligible players and is often much smaller, as a result it is easier to win.
  3. Fixed Jackpot. Unlike other jackpot types, a fixed jackpot will remain the same amount no matter how long it has remained unclaimed. This type of jackpot is more common than other types and is much easier for a player to claim. 


Both arcade and jackpot slots have their benefits which will suit certain players more than others. 

●     Jackpot slots are based entirely in luck, this means that literally anybody can win a jackpot at any time. This adds a new level of excitement to the game, especially if you are competing for a massive jackpot.

●     Arcade slots on the contrary, need a lot of skill to be successful at. Giving the players a bigger element of control over the outcome of their game is certainly an attractive element.

●     Jackpot slots can award players a truly life altering amount of money, particularly progressive jackpot. Comparatively, arcade slots award a simple payout to the winner. 


The answer to which slot type is better will depend greatly on what sort of player you are. If you prefer to be in control of the outcome of your game, then arcade slots will be your preference while those who want to win a massive amount of money will prefer jackpot slots.