May 31, 2023


There are different kinds of discrimination. One of these is pretty new. Since the Covid-19 problem began, bioethicists have talked about the risk of an immunity passport document. It will be used to show that a person has contracted the Covid-19 virus in the past, got treatment, and now is a carrier of antibodies that make them immune. The Corona pandemic has put many at a poker online free throughout 2020, and up to now, it has not gone away. Anyone who has not contracted the virus before and wants to travel might have to produce an immunity passport. 

The Problem

A passports system such as this could easily lead to discrimination at workspaces, shopping places, or when one wants to travel. A person facing this type of discrimination might decide to contract the virus to get hired or to be allowed to travel. It can encourage wicked actions. If participation in society depends on the immunity status of a person, then this is discrimination. 

The Vaccination Cards

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and other public organizations all over the world will provide vaccination cards. As the Covid-19 vaccine requires two doses to be complete, these cards are meant to serve as a reminder. The cards will also help show the vaccine maker and ensure that caregivers understand that a patient has received their vaccination in an emergency. These cards are an excellent item to have. 

However, there is an unforeseen issue they could cause. That’s discrimination. These cards could become mandatory entry documents for people when accessing schools, buying at a restaurant, starting a business, or applying for work. Employers might make these cards a compulsory requirement for recruitment. Thus, anyone without their Covid-19 vaccination card might miss essential services and goods. 

Soon they will introduce a digital vaccine passport, and without it, travel will be difficult. Word has it that the International Air Transport Association is already planning to do this. The apps will also be made, consisting of Coronavirus testing and vaccination information as a requirement.

The Solutions

To avoid discrimination based on your Covid-19 immunity status, the government should discourage the use of vaccination cards or apps for almost every use. These should only be used for guiding a person’s medical care. The person with the power to set parameters for using these vaccine cards is the secretary for health and human services. The secretary should give acceptable reasons for not taking the jab. Then, they should specify that schools, businesses, and other essential entities should not discriminate against people who have not obtained the Covid-19 vaccine due to these reasons. 

Although vaccinated people should be recognized more, it shouldn’t be to the point of neglecting and discriminating against those not vaccinated. After all, the vaccinated people who had the virus before could still be shedding the virus. Those vaccinated without ever contracting the virus could still catch it. The two vaccines may substantially reduce viral spread, according to the data given to the FDA by Moderna. Still, no vital data exist to suggest that they can entirely stop the virus. Once the vaccines become fully approved, we will be sure that the virus spread is fully controlled as now they are for emergency use. Unless these are approved, vaccination cards should not be a requirement for access to jobs, travel permits, and other things.