July 5, 2022

Image Credit:- Shutterstock.com

Image Credit: Shutterstock.com

What are your lucky tricks? Do you wear the family watch that has been passed down through generations and was almost lost in at least two wars, do you pull down the leaver whenever all the lights are illuminated in the correct way, or are you not fussed by any of that and instead stick to slot strategy that guarantees an increase in chances of winning slot machines?

Any which way you go about getting the cash to plunder from the slot machines, online or offline, there are genuine ways in which you can play at https://www.wizardslots.com/ that will help you increase your chances massively. Take a look at our secret tips and tricks list on how to increase your chances on the slots below to find out how you could be in for the big bucks!

Why Should You Try to Maximise your Chances on Slots?

Every casino gamer knows that slots are mostly fun because of their flashing lights and promise of money, so, is there more to it than that?

1.       Most slot games have different odds and you, therefore, need to know which ones will treat you better than others

2.       Slots can look all funky, but they are there to entice you, so, you need to see through that and get the best chances possible!

3.       Slot gaming can be really detrimental to your funds, therefore, by maximising your odds you are securing the most fun out of playing on slot machines!

Tips and Tricks that Increase your Chances on the Slots

There are a number of measures that you can take to make sure that you are playing the game at your highest standard whilst also playing a game that massively increases your odds on the slots, but first, we have to mention the inevitable: slot machines are always fixed by a random number generator and odds defined by the slot developers.

Because these odds are fixed, here is some strategy that can massively increase your chances on the slots:

·         RTP – If you want to be a high roller, and we certainly know that you are on your way to becoming one, then have a look at the return to player statistics below the games. If the RTP is lower than 97% then the game is not worth playing!

·         Set Limits – Managing your budget for a gaming session, limiting your wins, losses, and time played will all contribute to you maximising your chances on slots, because at no point are you down too much cash or ready to bet all your winnings.

·         Avoid Progressive Jackpots – We know that the idea of scoring those incredibly high progressive jackpots looks so appealing, but the odds on these types of slots are always terrible. With Mega Moolah, the world’s most popular progressive slot, having an RTP of 88%, players will, on average, lose £12 for every £100. Remember, you are smarter than that and you know how to increase your chances!