January 28, 2023

Insurance providers are in business and would want homeowners to do all they can to enhance security to deter intruders who may compromise the safety of your property.

A homeowner is likely to have fewer burglary issues if a security burglary alert is installed. Homeowners insurance providers offer reductions in the payable premiums for those with a burglar alarm. Others like homeowners insures hershey pa may offer discounts if your security system is well monitored and maintained.

When purchasing homeowner insurance, bear the following in mind:

  • Honesty is the best policy– Be truthful about the status of your burglary security alarm. If your provider finds out that it was not in order when the burglary happened, your claim may be invalidated or rejected.
  • The alarm should always be functional-The alarm is meant to help you when intruders come to your house. And because you do not know when they may strike, it is always recommended to have it set.
  • Avoid dummy alarms- It is risky to set dummy alarms to scare away intruders. Hardcore criminals may detect your trick because they can tell a genuine alarm from a fake one. Your insurance provider may also invalidate your claim or reject it at your peril.

Types of Burglar Alarms to Install

Take time to read through terms and conditions for homeowner insurance cover. Homeowner insurance discount packages differ from provider to provider. There are many types of burglar alarms you may install in your home, including:

1.Bell-only alarm

Bell-only burglar alarm works by producing resonant tones to announce the presence of intruders. Others may also have flashing lights to activate the sound sensor.

This alarm relies on the response of neighbors and house occupants. If backup from these two quotas is not forthcoming or sufficient, the burglars may access the house. This feature makes it an inappropriate security measure if the house is vacant at that moment or the neighbors are unreliable.

2.Dialer alarm

The dialer burglar alarm is an improvement of the bell-only alarm. It allows the key holder to get intrusion alerts if the alarm trigger is on. On receiving the alarm alert, the homeowner requests an emergency response. A GSM network is essential for the success of this alarm type.

 You always need to credit your SIM card to enable communication. This type of alarm may fail if the emergency response unit is unavailable or the mobile signals are weak or unavailable.

3.Monitored alarm system

This is the most reliable burglar alarm recommended by insurance providers and attracts a significant discount. Immediately the sensors detect unusual activities in the home, the system sends an alarm to nominated security experts, homeowner, permitted key holders, or the police.

These alarms leave no chance to your home security because the alarm is monitored from far and doesn’t rely on your proximity to the home.

4.Smart alarms

This alarm is integrated with lights, CCTV cameras, and your smartphone. It is most reliable for homeowners and insurance providers because the installed app notifies the homeowner and the appointed security response personnel.

You need to beef up the security of your home with the most updated burglar alarm to attract a substantial discount from homeowners insurance providers.