March 29, 2023

It’s time for you to learn how to create a RuneScape account, if you want to play a good role-playing video game, to be able to start an adventure like no other with one of the most popular games in the world. In this online MMORPG game you can be in contact with different accounts to be able to travel in the different worlds and put into practice each of the tricks that this platform has for its users.

There are already more than 200 million accounts created since its launch in 2001, although active free accounts are more than 10 million. The fantasy worlds and kingdoms that are available are different so that users can move around and acquire many more levels and game experiences, in addition to being able to use different resources, like buying OSRS gold, for the battles and confrontations that may arise. 

Create your own personalized avatar and interact with other users and enjoy a good time of fun and adventure with this game that sets trends worldwide. In addition to the free account, you can have a payment with which you will obtain different benefits to be able to play at another level of difficulty and higher experience. Now is the time that you decide to register a pure account in RuneScape and be able to enjoy everything that the platform offers to users. In this tutorial you can learn how to register and activate, follow the processes and steps that we will leave you in this post so that you can join this online universe. In next post, we’ll talk about how to buy RS gold.

How to register and create an account in RuneScape

You already know what this video game is about, it’s time to start registering for free in RuneScape old without inconvenience and with easy steps. In this section we take care of showing you each of the necessary movements that must be followed to create the account and start using it from now on. Follow each detailed instruction to the letter, do not get lost in each step and together with us create a new account within the RuneScape game.

Step 1: Access the main RuneScape platform

To start the process you must enter the official RuneScape site where we will carry out each of the steps below.

Step 2: Start registering on the platform

Being inside the platform, in the upper right part, you can find the “register” button in which by clicking on it you can access to continue with the established official procedure.

Step 3: It’s time to create the account in RuneScape

As we do not have an account created, it is not the time to log in, so at the bottom of the box we will find the option to “create account” in which we will click to start registering our new account.

Step 4: Place the requested data in the corresponding places

A window will open where different information is requested such as your email, a password, accept the terms and conditions of the platform, age, in addition to filling out a security captcha, after fulfilling them and filling in the corresponding boxes, click on “Play now”, to register.

Step 5: Registration completed in RuneScape

Your registration has been totally successful so you can now start enjoying all the services offered by the RuneScape platform, in addition to being offered the “download” button to purchase the juice safely.

How to activate and verify your RuneScape account

The account verification and activation process is important as it provides much more security to our created profile. Therefore, you cannot fail to comply with this optional process that we teach you as it will provide additional necessary protection to your account so that none of the data you have in it is stolen or lose your level of gaming experience. Follow each of the steps that we leave below in detail and together with us you can activate and verify your RuneScape account in the most effective way.

Step 1: Go to your account information

Once registered and installed within your account, you only need to click within the platform on “account”, which is found in the upper options banner of the main window.

Step 2: Look for the account verification option with the E-mail

Being within the configuration of your account, you will find a group of options among which you have to select “E-mail and communication preferences” to be able to access the verification panel.

Step 3: Your verification code has been submitted

Automatically, an account verification message will be sent to your email, in which you must access to complete the registration process and activation of your new profile within RuneScape.

Step 4: Access the link you received in the email

The email will receive a message with a link in which you must access to have the account activated and thus have the privacy you need in your registration.

Step 5: Account activated and verified successfully

The window that opened confirms that your account has been activated and verified correctly, in addition to having a total successful registration, click on “Play now” and start playing RuneScape from scratch.

Learn how to log into your Runescape account

If you have already complied with the previous processes and you have your account fully operational, it is possible that after leaving it you will not know how to re-enter it, that is why we will teach you how to log into your RuneScape account. Watch this simple process with a few steps so that your access to the account is totally fast. Do not miss the opportunity that we give you with this tutorial and follow the steps to log into your new account already created and verified RuneScape.

Step 1: Click on “Enter” to log in

When entering the main video game platform from any browser, all you have to do is log in to your account to start using it. To do this, click on “Enter”, located in the upper right part of the window.

Step 2: Enter the information corresponding to your account

A window will open in which you must enter the email and password corresponding to the account where you want to access, for this fill in the boxes and click on “login” and access your account easily.

Step 3: Start using your account and enjoy RuneScape

There are many things that you can discover within your account on the platform of this popular video game, now just enjoy everything you have prepared for each user and have fun with your friends.

We hope this information was helpful. Good luck!