March 29, 2023

Most businesses are shifted to work remotely from the last year, while some are still working from the office. You will be acquainted with the importance of leadership in goal achievement. Either it’s a small organization or a large company, hiring good and hard-working leaders or managers will be their priority. 

The change in the trend from working in an office to working remotely has altered the management styles of several leaders. A well-experienced leader gets adapted to new trends easily and leads the team successfully. 

Important Tips

Implementation of new ideas and plans might be complex through virtual meetings. Teammates may face slight changes in their motivation. Now it’s upon leaders how they handle their team effectively through video conferencing. Kris Thorkelson has few tips which one can successfully lead a team.

1. Focus on the quality of conversation

Leaders will be going to instruct their team virtually through conferencing for which concentration from the teammates is required. Their talking style should be highly influential and understandable. Good leaders like Reed Hastings form guidelines for the smooth flow of conversation like when to call, respond to emails and video calls, and complete the project.

2. Avoid making the working environment stressful

Leaders have to provide all-important guidelines through online mode. They need to ensure that every individual can understand the procedures or not. After confirming, they need to support their team to work dedicatedly. If they start putting extra burdens on their shoulders, leaders may not get the desired result.

3. Summarize the goals

Leaders should summarize the company’s targets to them briefly. It enables the team to work with confidence and put extra effort into work. Proper summarization can boost their enthusiasm and encourage them to participate in discussions actively. 

4. Try to make a comfortable environment

Self-encouragement and trust is the main factor that decides the strength of the relationship between the leader and teammates. Implementation of new ideas might be easy but may tense others. That’s why a leader like Kris Thorkelson understands the importance of helping the team to clear their doubts. Supporting and collaboration are the effective tools that inspire them to be dedicated even while sitting in the comfort of home.

5. Make things easy with technology

Nowadays, several video conferencing platforms are being used widely, including skype, zoom, Microsoft Teams, and Cisco Webex Meetings. Leaders need to optimize their technologies to ensure no disturbance while working. Leaders should be able to identify IT issues and focus on their content. Attention should be paid to household aspects as well.


Adaptability is a crucial skill that must be present in both leaders and teammates. A change in environment may result in a lack of interest in work. To maintain the interest, leaders should begin by talking about them and their families to ensure their comfort. 

Virtual leadership might not work similarly to team leadership in a workplace. It all depends on the skills of leaders and how much they have practiced their skills to handle teams. The impact of virtual conversation is less effective if the leaders are not trained in their profession. Leaders have to strengthen their relationship with teammates through a mobile phone or computer in virtual meetings.