May 31, 2023

Just as the work behavior and attitude of cross-generations employees are different, they also have varying motivations for work. The employees of older generations are motivated mostly by the job titles, recognitions, parking spaces, praise, and perks whereas the younger employees seek motivation through flexible work timings, bonuses, vouchers, time-off, and social rewards. 

To make the organization successful, the employees of each generation must be motivated and satisfied by fulfilling their righteous demands and needs and by using the appropriate motivators for each generation.

So taking both the advantages and disadvantages of the cross-generational workforce into consideration, if this cross-generational workforce is handled effectively, it can lead towards the overall betterment of both individual and organizational performance. We can find middle ground ideas for leading a diverse workforce from leaders like G Scott Paterson

Providing Facilities to Workforce

In this era of technological shift, all the work done inside organizations has a major role in technology which is efficiently being handled by the millennials because they were born for this era of time. Moreover, they are more adaptive to cultural change, here cultural change refers to an organizational culture where employees must adjust themselves to have better outcomes at work. But, in every sector, there is an almost equal ratio of those who are on the verge of retirement and of those who are just fresh graduates. 

Build a Competitive Workforce 

If an organization can have a stronger workforce, it can win a competitive advantage over others because the collaboration they built among themselves today will bear fruitful rewards for them in the future. If in case the conflict may arise among the employees working there, then the managerial communication can go a long way.

Effective managerial communication can even resolve imminent conflicts because that group of people is well aware of the impending scenarios that will ever take place at their workplace. You can check on leaders like  Scott Paterson of Toronto and Amancio Ortega for more insights.

Respecting the Employees 

In addition to this to get the best out of employees, firstly their needs must be fulfilled, to make them work wholeheartedly to achieve the goals like the needs of every employee changes concerning their responsibilities towards life, like old aged employees may demand more flexible working hours while younger aged employees are in search of extrinsic motivational incentives. All these things should be taken into consideration by the management to get better outcomes which ultimately lead to higher organizational performance.

Final Thoughts 

Every employee working inside the organization has his or her reservations. The responsibility lies on the shoulders of the leader or manager of the organization to provide the necessary equipment with which the employee is comfortable to work with. In addition to this, making employees feel comfortable in the environment and culture of the organization is important so that they can work effectively and collaborate better.