Packing a shipment is like packing a suitcase, you need all its contents to be in perfect condition when it is opened or uncovered so that your client, friend or relative who is the recipient of the shipment feels satisfied with the product received.

The collaborators of the transport companies are trained to handle with care all the merchandise they receive, however, a good packaging of your products is the first step so that they arrive at their destination in good condition.

Here are some tips for good packaging:

Choose the right product packaging

Depending on the type of product to be sent, you should choose the most appropriate packaging, for this, look for alternatives that do not increase the cost of shipping, that is, they are light and their size is as adjusted as possible to the product. Remember that the cost of a shipment is calculated according to the weight / volume of the merchandise, including its packaging. If you face some difficulties in choosing the right product, we would recommend BlueRose Packaging as the best packaging manufacturer. They have years of experience and if you are looking for a quality product at an affordable price, they are your answer.

Choose a box that fits the product

Use internal plastic bags to separate the product by color, size or quantity. The bags also take care of your product from humidity.


If you want to make a special impression on your customers, using custom shipping boxes with logo is a wise decision. You may pay more but you can establish your brand in the eyes of customers. 

Leather and shoes

Pack the shoes inside in pairs, using plastic bags, soft papers, or boxes. Similarly, separate the leather accessories separately or in small groups.

Computers and household appliances

Use corrugated cardboard boxes that resist the weight of the product. It is recommended to use internal materials such as paper, pieces of cardboard or other materials that prevent movement of the product and protect it from moisture during shipping.


Use new and strong packaging for shipping medicine packages, wrap them with paper to protect them from light, heat and humidity. Write in a visible place the care that the medications should have and if they have an expiration date, make sure that the delivery time of the carrier is adjusted.

Very delicate merchandise

There are shipments that require special handling or care, such as refrigerators, motorcycles, appliances and items that contain glass. In this case, use crates, that is, a coating with an external structure that protects the product from bumps and scratches.

How to label a package?

Labeling a shipment is indicating the sender and recipient information, this is written on the outside of the package and is necessary for the transport company to make your package shipment. If you are using a used box for a previous shipment, be sure to remove or strike out the label from the previous shipment to avoid confusion for the carrier.

Label the box on the cleanest and most visible side using a blank sheet of paper or writing directly on the box using a marker. If you used a box, make sure the label is securely taped on all four sides.