January 28, 2023

Credit: Shutterstock.com

If interested in learning fictional stuff, enroll in a suitable school. In a fictional school, for instance, there are no moments of dullness or boredom. While a school cannot be as thrilling as fenix play 27, the wonders of fiction can produce schools without dull scenes. In fictional schools, they don’t teach chemistry, biology, history, or similar subjects. These schools are different and fun to be a part of. There are many schools like these in the United States, and the best ones include the following.

Starfleet Academy

This school is in Marin County in California. People who attend this school are trained to run huge, interstellar exploration ships belonging to the Federation Fleet. It is not easy to join this school due to its strict admission rules, though. You should pass psychological tests and do a preparatory program for six weeks. Those who push through this stage can then choose what they want to study. There is quite a lot of new and interesting stuff to study in this first-class fictional school, from advanced subspace geometry to xenolinguistics.

St Trinian’s School for Young Ladies

As the name suggests, St Trinian’s School is for women only. Unlike your typical boarding school, where girls are taught to act like civilized and disciplined women, they learn just the opposites here. The young girls here know how to be career criminals from notorious teachers. The jealousy between parties is a daily affair, and it is difficult that a day ends without one or more traps being laid. Given hockey sticks to defend themselves with, as well as enough training to plan mischief, Trinian’s School survivors are bad girls.

The Harbor School

This is designed for teenagers who are from affluent backgrounds. All these kids do at school is partying and shopping. If this sounds like a place you want to be, enrol. You will socialize for most of your school days and study less. 

Xavier’s School for Gifted Youngsters

It is a mutants-only school. It is, therefore, not easy to join. Xavier’s School for Gifted Youngsters gives the same chances to those who qualify. They have drama classes where they quote Shakespeare as well as do calculus. Students also learn how to save the world from mutant threats and threats to mutants. A few students can also make it to a team for keeping peace in the Marvel multiverse (X-Men). Mutants who the world has shown a cold shoulder can join Xavier’s School for Youngsters and learn to control situations without attacking other humans.

UC Sunnydale

This university is not very different from other institutions of higher learning. After enrolling in this school, all you should do is get used to fellow vampire students’ behaviour in the abandoned dorm. There will also be illegal government experiments going on in the basement. If you can restrain yourself here until you attain your diploma, you can obtain more educational stuff than you can expect. 

Apart from the above-mentioned fictional schools, others like Dillon High School, Chilton Preparatory School, and Jedi Academy are great. You need to decide on the best one to join.