May 31, 2023

All around the world curtains are a favourite window treatment in homes of all sizes and styles. This is because not only do they give you privacy when you want it, and shade from the light, they are very visually appealing. The right curtain can change a room and make it something special. Get it wrong and it can drag a room down. When you decide you want curtains for your windows over other options like shades, blinds or drapes, then you have to think about where to get them from.

There is a lot more choice than there ever used to be. An affordable and convenient option is to buy curtains online. You can find all the different sizes, colours, types and a range of materials too. You can even find custom made options online.

Choosing the best curtains for your home

Some things to think about as you choose your curtains include;

  1. What colour are your walls? You can get a great curtain price online and you can also get a range of colours but how should you choose? Look at the colour of your walls and choose a colour that matches, it does not have to be the same shade you could choose lighter or darker, but in the same colour range. Try to keep the difference from contrasting too much as that can make it overly bold and might not create the impact you were hoping for. It is popular right now for homeowners to have neutral shades on their walls, greys, beiges, whites. Your curtains will therefore be the same. A nice tip is if you have lighter curtains than your walls the room will look bigger. Darker shades and it makes the room smaller and cozier.
  2. Think about the size of the room when it comes to design – As hinted above the size of your room is something to consider too. If you have a small to mid-sized room then it is best to keep the curtains more simple in design, and going lighter shades can help make it feel bigger. If you are looking at a larger room it can handle busier and more complex designs on the curtains and darker curtains. Check this before you buy curtains online.
  3. Change it up around the home – You do not have to have the same curtains around the whole home since each room is likely a little different in colour and design, it makes sense to have different curtains for each room. It helps add to the creativity and to create the right atmosphere you are looking for as you move from a calmer room into something more engaging and interesting.


When you are looking for the best curtain price, going online makes sense. You can compare prices without having to physically move and you can look at various options available to you. Make sure you consider these three things before you choose and also make sure you measure accurately!