Since the first lockdown, gyms in the Uk have been closed most of the time, and many active gym members have had to give up attending the gym altogether. The UK is currently in its third lockdown, and once again, gyms have had to close down. Although you can work out from your home, it is clear that these on and off closures have significantly affected gym members.

If you have previously led a very active lifestyle and gone to the gym several times within a week,  the changes that came with the pandemic may have been overwhelming. Sometimes it could be more challenging to have your regular workout routine at home for various reasons. These challenges could range from not having the equipment you use at home to having too many distractions, including young children or pets.

Gyms have also been putting various measures in place to ensure that their premises are safe for members. If gyms were to reopen the mental and physical health of numerous people in the UK would improve. Here are some excellent reasons why gyms should be reopened.

1. Improved health

The first obvious way you will benefit from the gym reopening is that your overall health and wellbeing will improve significantly. Cardio and weight lifting are bound to improve your general health. 

Working out improves your muscle strength, and your lungs and heart are healthier. When your organs are functioning at their optimum, your body will be more likely to fight COVID and have better chances of survival if you contract this disease. 

Exercising also lowers your risks of getting high blood pressure, obesity, and diabetes. Patients with these pre-existing conditions have been seen to have higher chances of experiencing near-fatal and fatal symptoms after contracting COVID.

A combination of weight-lifting and cardio exercises guided by a reputable trainer Alexander Powell is more effective in helping you maintain a healthy weight. Having a healthy weight is another way to build your body’s immunity.

2.Creating  good habits

The pandemic brought a lot of disruption to people’s everyday routines, which caused some people to develop unhealthy habits. For example, if you were used to working out thrice a week, you may have given it up at some point. You may even have picked up some unhealthy eating habits. However, being in a gym can be helpful. 

Despite exercising being tough, going into a gym will at times motivate you to work out. Therefore it will be easier to go back to your exercising routine than it would have been if you were at home. At a gym, you will see others exerting themselves and working on their separate exercise routines. When you are around people who seem motivated and grounded, you will be more likely to follow suit. 

3.Reducing stress and enhancing sleep

The COVID pandemic was unprecedented, and within days it disrupted people’s lives. They now had to deal with new realities. You may have experienced a lot of anxiety and worry. Exercising will help ease your stress, and you will therefore enjoy better sleep.

Exercising is a vital part of life, and many people have embraced it for their wellbeing. When gyms are reopened, most gym members will get back to their normal active lifestyle more quickly.

Apart from that, getting back into a regular workout routine will inadvertently help you create other healthier habits. For example, you are more likely to be mindful of what you eat and manage your time well.