January 28, 2023

There have been very few gambling game inventions that have had quite as much of an impact as slot machines, with these incredible mechanical casino games becoming immensely popular in a relatively short amount of time. You could maybe compare the slot gambling phenomenon to the craze surrounding roulette in the 19th century, however real money slots have been hitting outrageous popularity levels for far longer now. 

By far the biggest development in the real money slots world by now is the invention of online slots, games that have truly revolutionised what can be done with the slot game framework. It has never been easier to gamble on real money slots like Starburst free spins these days, and it has never been more exciting either! Let’s take a look at why you should play real money slots!

Benefits of playing real money slots 

We should all know by now how fun playing real money slots can be in the 21st century, but this really isn’t the only benefit of playing real money slots at all. There are various positive reasons to playing real money slots, such as the ones below: 

·  Financial incentive:

You should always remember that you could potentially lose a fair amount of money whilst playing real money slots, although at the same time these games have made it easy for gamblers to win stonking huge jackpots at the same time too.

·  Increased cognition:

Bet you never would have thought of how the colourful and all-action real money slots can greatly improve brain cognition…

·  Gambling fun without the pressure:

There are loads of people out there who would love to gamble, but are a bit scared off by the highbrow world of complicated casino table games like poker. Real money slots are the perfect antidote! 

The wonderful history of real money slots 

Real money slots also have a very rich history, one that is especially interesting due to the fact that there has been a massive amount of technological discovery alongside it. For example, back in the late 1800s the mechanical engineering that went into the Liberty Bell (the world’s first real money slot machine) was ground-breaking, and made many other things possible too. 

It took a few decades after this for slots to truly kick off, and that is because of the illegality of gambling at the time. By the 1960s slots were all over the place in respected gambling centres like Las Vegas, and by the 90s you could find video slots in casinos, pubs, bars and even chip shops! And then, of course, came the online slot revolution in the 21st century. 

Best 2021 real money slots 

By now you should have a clear idea of why you should play real money slots, as there are a huge number of reasons, not to mention the spellbinding history of it all. Now, to get you in the mood, here are the best 2021 real money slots online: 

·         Kalahari Safari

·         Madame Destiny Megaways

·         War of Gods